Eco Benefits

A world-first asphalt product has been created, diverting waste soft plastics and glass from landfill.

TonerPlas™ is an asphalt additive developed by Australian recycling company Close the Loop (CtL). It is a key ingredient in Reconophalt, a new asphalt product from Downer which utilises waste soft plastics, glass and toner. Reconophalt is a high-quality, longer-lasting and better performing asphalt road.

1 kilometre of asphalt road (2 lanes) contains the equivalent of:

  • 530,000 plastic shopping bags
  • 168,000 glass bottles
  • Waste toner from 12,500 printer cartridges

Compared with standard specified asphalt Reconophalt has:

  • 65% improvement in fatigue life for longer-lasting roads
  • Superior resistance to deformation and withstanding heavy vehicular traffic