Eco Benefits

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A world-first asphalt product has been created, diverting waste soft plastics and printer toner from landfill.

TonerPlas™ is an asphalt additive developed by Australian resource recovery and recycling company Close the Loop (CtL). The additive adds significant value to the asphalt characteristics, specifically it increases the fatigue life, meaning the road will last longer and require less maintenance thereby reducing the whole of life cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

Not only is the fatigue life increased but the resistance to both longitudinal rutting and deformation of the road surface is substantially increased as well, meaning longer lasting, better performing, and therefore safer roads.

Close the Loop invented and developed the additive over a 10 year R&D effort which included partnering with Downer, one of Australia’s largest infrastructure companies, to bring the product to market. Downer’s asphalt, marketed under the Reconophalt brand, includes TonerPlas as its key ingredient and has been subjected to rigorous environmental testing under the watchful eye of the NSW EPA. Reconophalt now has full approval from the EPA as an environmentally friendly product, the only asphalt product to achieve that status.

1 kilometre of asphalt road (2 lanes) contains the equivalent of:

  • 530,000 plastic shopping bags
  • Waste toner from 12,500 printer cartridges

Compared with standard specified asphalt Reconophalt has:

  • 65% improvement in fatigue life for longer-lasting roads
  • Superior resistance to deformation and withstanding heavy vehicular traffic