Circular Economy

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Partnerships are fundamental to delivering circular economy outcomes. We are entering a new and exciting era in business where partnerships are the “new black”. If we are to develop a true circular economy, then we need to progress from the old customer/supplier mentality and move to mutually beneficial partnerships. Each of the participants represented below play a key role in delivering the laying of an asphalt road, which is endlessly recyclable.

    Circular Economy

  • The general community participates by collecting and returning their soft plastics to any Coles or Woolworths supermarket and deposited in the Redcycle bins for collection, or in the Hunter Valley via the Plastic Police program through schools and councils.

  • Printer cartridges are collected in workplaces and public drop off points with over 40,000 collection points around Australia.

  • printer cartridges and soft plastics are delivered to Close the Loop’s facility for processing and use into TonerPlas additive.

  • Printer cartridges are data captured and processed removing the waste and residual toner for re-use.

  • Waste toner and soft plastics used in manufacturing process to turn into a plastic based additive.

  • TonerPlas additive delivered for ingestion into the asphalt mix at manufacture.

  • Downer lay asphalt as road surface containing soft plastic and toner in the asphalt mix.

  • Community benefits from longer lasting, better quality road infrastructure that connects communities and facilitates economic, environmental and social value – triple bottom line benefits